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Got Game providing innovative Physical Education solutions to primary schools and delivering specialist sports programs to all in need
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Ball Skills

Ball Skills


The ultimate skill development program, all you need to provide is the pupils. Got Game does the rest; provide professional equipment, teach locomotor and manipulative skills, organise interactive games, deliver highly inclusive lessons, gain outcomes according to PDHPE syllabus and inspire active lifestyles.

Innovative PE programming such as Ball Skills have never been seen in primary schools. So your pupils will be privileged to undertake this forward thinking PE program.

Most schools have undertaken a simple ball skills program with their classroom teacher or other companies, Got Game has taken it one giant step further, by teaching 4 different sports in the one program, including Basketball, Soccer, Cricket and Footy.

The Ball Skills program has been created based on the learning outcomes stated in the PDHPE syllabus, and then significantly innovated to meet the requirements of the changing developmental needs of primary aged pupils today.

We don’t know what the world will look like tomorrow, image the world pupils will face when they graduate?

PDHPE Syllabus Outcomes
GSES 1.8, GSS 1.8, GSS 2.8, GSS 3.8
MOES 1.4, MOS 1.4, MOS 2.4, MOS 3.4
INES 1.3, INS 1.3, INS 2.3, INS 3.3
COES 1.1, COS 1.1, COS 2.1, COS 3.3