Got Game | Basketball
Got Game providing innovative Physical Education solutions to primary schools and delivering specialist sports programs to all in need
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More than just a game, basketball taught through quality physical education.

Many believe it’s the best PE program we teach and considering almost all of our schools keep requesting it each year, there’s a good chance it is.

This program has evolved over time from a simple sporting experience to a PDHPE syllabus program that covers a broad range of outcomes. All developed by our Accredited primary PE teachers that focus on achieving learning outcomes and indicators.

PDHPE Syllabus Outcomes
GSES 1.8, GSS 1.8, GSS 2.8, GSS 3.8
MOES 1.4, MOS 1.4, MOS 2.4, MOS 3.4
INES 1.3, INS 1.3, INS 2.3, INS 3.3
COES 1.1, COS 1.1, COS 2.1, COS 3.3