Who's Teaching your pupils PE?


We have a responsibility to make the industry better, that’s what everything we do is designed around. Changing the way pupils, parents, teachers, Principals and schools receive their phyiscal education.

Creating The PE Evolution – setting a new direction for primary school PE. Book Got Game today to experience the difference.

PE Revolution

PE revolution

Got Game is revolutionizing the way PE is taught in NSW primary schools.

Providing the very best PE programs across Sydney, Got Game is getting students active, developing Fundamental Motor Skills (FMS) and tackling the fight on childhood obesity.

This revolution came about from perceived shortcoming in the current system surrounding PE in NSW schools.

Fundamental Movement Skills

Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) are the building blocks for movement.

Children need FMS to feel confident when participating physical activity including games and sports.

Fundamental Movement Skills include:

Got Yoga

Got Game is now offering yoga!

Yoga is a welcomed change to a traditional Physical Education program, with countless advantages.

At Got Game, we appreciate yoga’s true potential and its benefits to students, including their body, mind and sprit.

The Got Game yoga program is designed to provide a learning experience that makes a difference to every student, in a fun, creative, educational, expressive, and purposeful environment.

How much ‘Physical Activity’ do children need?

Children from ages 5 to 12 need at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity per day.

Although Got Game is getting kids moving in schools, it’s important they continue to be active outside of school.

Examples of moderate and vigorous activity include:

Moderate:                                                           Vigorous:

Got Game on Facebook

Got Game is now on Facebook!

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RFF available for all

The PE Revolution continues to create changes for the better. With 15 Accredited (DET & CEO) PE teachers providing additional RFF in all programs, to all schools, we now give Principals additional RFF allocations and the opportunity to relieve classroom teachers during our lessons.

Imagine us teaching your dance or gym program while the classroom teacher has the choice for RFF.  Changing the game!

We need more Physical Education

Exercise grows brain cells!

This growth allows for more capacity to learn. It's a fact proven by neuro-science with recent brain imaging developments.

But we don't need any scientist to tell us that blood pools below the waist after 15 minutes of sitting, that some children need to move to learn, and that movement increases capacity to learn. Remembering that what makes us think, also makes us move! 

Contributing to the National Curriculum

With a team of 20 dedicated PE teachers in 2013, we are staying ahead of the game by following and shaping the National HPE Curriculum

Which is indicating some very significant changes in the coming years, including;

  • Dance has been moved into the Creative Arts syllabus and will no longer fall under PE
  • Gymnastics as an outcome will become obselete
  • H&PE will be expected to make a significant contribution to achievement of the General Capabilities

Good PE

Good PE must be fun, have high levels of involvement, safe, non-threatening, challenging, contain the experience of success, cater for all students, be modified, changed regularly, involve free play, be creative...How's your physical education being taught?

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I would like to take this opportunity to say that I have received really positive feedback from sites that have used / are using Got Game this term and from my own observations I can certainly say that you are one of the strongest deliverers that I have seen in the Active After Schools Communities program

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