PE Revolution

PE revolution

Got Game is revolutionizing the way PE is taught in NSW primary schools.

Providing the very best PE programs across Sydney, Got Game is getting students active, developing Fundamental Motor Skills (FMS) and tackling the fight on childhood obesity.

This revolution came about from perceived shortcoming in the current system surrounding PE in NSW schools.

Founder Jed Kram identified many issues, which Got Game is thriving to change.

“Even though PE is mandated to make up 10% of the primary curriculum and is one of the six learning areas, 30% of schools don’t deliver the required 2 hours of PE per week.”  Kram said.

“It can be daunting for generalist teachers, who are already overburdened to have to provide a (specialised) PE program”

“We cannot expect teachers to be experts in all aspects of the curriculum, and unfortunately PE tends to be the one that suffers”

Increased rates of obesity and lack of fundamental movement skills in children also drive the existence of Got Game.

“With around 23% of NSW children being overweight or obese, it’s a growing concern that without developing an active lifestyle as children they run the risk of a lifelong battle with obesity” he said.

“It’s unbelievable the amount of students that come to school without basic movement skills”

“Fundamental movement skills are so important to the physical development of children, and provide them with the confidence to hopefully become lifelong participants in physical activity.”


Got Game is dedicated in creating the PE revolution through providing the highest quality Physical Education to over 80 schools across Sydney and counting.

With over 20 qualified Physical Education teachers, Got Game is focused on providing more PE to primary schools across Sydney and developing innovative PDHPE programs to target curriculum outcomes, physical development and personal growth.

Got Game has developed a core team of specialized PE teachers who are passionate about changing the face of physical education in primary schools to imbed a healthy lifestyle to all young people throughout NSW.

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