Team Sports

Benefits of team sports

Team sport provides kids with important lessons in personal values.
Kids learn that things don't always go their way and that they need to respect their peers as well as referees and sports officials.
These experiences can influence them throughout their lives, such as when it comes to working for a boss, or respecting the police or other authority figures.

When your kids take part in team sports they develop:

·       Friendship and camaraderie
·       Cooperation and teamwork skills
·       Leadership skills
·       A sense of belonging
·       Social interaction skills
·       Physical skills
·       Self-esteem and self concept
·       Team goal-setting skills
·       Self-discipline, patience and persistence
·       Resilience.

Teams sports give kids the opportunity to:

·       Be less selfish and to think of other people
·       Deal with losing as well as winning. They learn that things are not going to go their way, or the team's way, all the time
·       Overcome shyness by putting them into situations where they need to communicate with others
·       Become more sociable in different environments. They have to deal with different people, who may or may not be their friends.


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