Quality over Quantity

In a marketplace motivated by more schools, programs and pupils we’ve decided to be different and focus on less schools, programs and pupils.

WHY? To improve the Quality.

We have decided to cap our staff to 30 full time PE teachers, meaning we can only cater for 30 programs per day. Allowing us to maintain our reputation as the most professional physical education provider.

HOW? Decrease the Quantity.

This means if you have booked with us previously we’ll honour your interest for next year based on current preferences but limited availability, so please rebook quickly. We will not be able to teach more than 30 programs a day.

WHAT! Exclusively in Sydney primary schools

We are Sydney based and limited. Unlike most large companies that come from interstate to capitalise on the Sydney market, we are teaching exclusively in Sydney primary schools. Allowing us to focus all our energy in our local communities.

Teaching quality over quantity in physical education.