Dance Performance

We teach lessons focusing on movement to various styles of music and choreography for performance.

Because some schools will require a professional instructor lead program, as opposed to a student-centred program, which allows for weekly practice of routines and choreography towards a performance. This program focuses on the three (3) dance outcomes from the Creative Arts syllabus and can be tailored to your specific requirements.

The most important part is that it’s taught by NESA Accredited teachers, not just coaches or instructors. Dedicated to delivering the latest, most innovative and progressive PE lessons ever taught in primary schools.

PDHPE Syllabus Outcomes
DAES1.1 DAES1.2, DAES1.7, PDe-4, PDe-8, PDe-11
DAS1.1 DAS1.2, DAS1.7, PD1-4, PD1-8, PD1-11
DAS2.1 DAS2.2, DAS2.7, PD2-4, PD2-8, PD2-11
DAS3.1 DAS3.2, DAS3.7, PD3-4, PD3-8, PD3-11